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Pomeranian puppies from our kennel

Aici veti gasi poze cu puii produsi in canisa noastra din 2010 pana in prezent.


Impala Play and Win                                Impala Noise Maker

Impala Ness Frape

Impala Magic Moonlight

Impala Honeybear (Woofy) at 2,5 months

and at 9 months ;)



Impala Happy Hippy Shake (Mimi) at 2,5 months                                     

 at 9 motnhs

Berry (Impala Gummybear)

Berry 2 months                                                                              Berry 3 months

right: Aszu  (Impala Eyes on Me)  lives in Poland with Karolina

left:Broserl (Impala Endless Love) lives in Austria with Ruth & Alex Reid (kennel Maruso).

3 weeks

girl                                                                      boy

The boy at 2 weeks.

Broserl at 3 years


Nane (Impala U Make Me Dance)

Etta (Impala American Beauty)

3 months

Etta with her owner Asli

More photos with Etta in shows: